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Property Gallery Apollo

The quality of the second set was much better. UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou played more freely and managed to stay close to the Apollo Property Gallery (12-09), which preceded 11-06. Letsiev's team that was absolutely serious escaped with 24-14 to get the point and win 25-14 in 22 ' Property Galley Apollon maintained incredible stability in the third set and easily cleared it after leading 12-06 and 18-07. The set ended 25-10 for the "blues" in 19 '. Property Gallery APOLLO (D. LETSIEV): Saini, Ripnaya, Shaidullina, Petrou, Lambrou, Petrou - Libero: Zakhaiou UCLan Cyprus THOI AVGOROU (PEROPOULOS): Michael, Efstathiou, Jocic, Scaric, Othonos, Christou. - Libero: Papadopoulou - Changes: Zymaraki, Louka.