Best villas in Cyprus

Many people dream to buy a house in Cyprus. Real estate in the Republic attracts foreign investors with the opportunity to obtain EU citizenship and passive income. Cyprus also has a mild climate, developed infrastructure, low crime rate, and loyal tax legislation. Local real estate has significantly increased in price and the market has been filled with a large number of diverse offers upon Cyprus becoming a member-state of the European Union. Villas remain the most popular among the various types of housing. 

To buy a house in Cyprus and get the maximum benefit from the investment, you simply need to decide on the desired category and understand future requirements. To make things easier and outline the desired landmarks, we suggest you check out the best villas in Cyprus.  

Differences between villas and regular houses and maisonettes 

The best villas in Cyprus are always separate and spacious houses designed for one family. If a maisonette and townhouse involve apartment-by-apartment living, then a villa provides the owner with complete privacy. 

Housing in Cyprus is represented not only by villas but also by cottages, mansions. However, the latter does not have such a vast territory. Villas in Cyprus have a large land plot providing room for an orchard, barbecue and sports area. Some of them have terraces and swimming pools. As a rule, the adjacent territory reaches up to several acres. 

The best villas in Cyprus are built using modern and expensive materials. Natural stone, marble, and wood are used in exteriors and interiors. A spacious house can be located in a quiet and secluded area or be part of a whole residential complex. 

A private villa in Cyprus is a great solution for those who appreciate luxury and comfort. This type of real estate emphasizes the social importance and impeccable taste of the owner. 

Popular regions 

Luxury real estate is located in all regions of Cyprus. Most of the island state is already built up. Therefore, investors are more and more attracted by actively developing cities. These include Limassol. This resort town is located in the southern part of the island. Limassol was a small industrial city 50 years ago, and today one can find high-rise buildings with luxury penthouses and apartments here. There are also a large number of villas on the red line. Investors who would like to get a comfortable place for permanent residence and family vacations decide to buy a house on the red line in Limassol, Cyprus. Villas in the city center are more in demand among those who would like to use luxury real estate as a source of passive income. These houses can bring profit upon lease or resale. 

How to buy a house in Cyprus with maximum benefit?

If you would like to buy a luxury house in Limassol with maximum benefits, you need to pay particular attention to the choice of future housing.  

The cost of villas and houses in Limassol varies significantly depending on the following factors:

  • location;
  • technical condition;
  • land plot and villa area;
  • developed infrastructure. 

The best villas in Cyprus are sold on the market for new buildings. Construction companies use modern solutions, innovative technologies, and proven materials in their projects. Therefore, the quality of buildings is improving each year, which is not typical of already commissioned buildings. Construction companies offer their clients not only ready-made solutions but also turnkey projects. You will be able to control all the key processes when buying a villa in Cyprus at the construction stage. 

If you intend to buy a house in Cyprus, it is worth remembering that the total area is not counted by the number of rooms but by the number of bedrooms. The living room, kitchen and other rooms are assumed by default. 

If you would like to buy real estate in Limassol, Cyprus, it is important to consider the investment purpose. If you decide to live in the Republic all year round, check the heating system available. It is not designed in all projects, as the winters in Cyprus are mild. The average daytime temperature does not fall below +7°C. However, unheated rooms significantly lack comfort even in such conditions. Another important condition is the availability of solar panels. The best villas in Cyprus involve the installation of such panels on the roofs. Electricity in the region is expensive, and it is consumed in large quantities for air conditioning in summer. And solar panels will help to significantly save on the cost of maintaining a villa in Cyprus. 

The price of houses in Limassol, like in other cities, depends on the proximity to the sea. The closer the sea, the higher the price of a villa or house in Cyprus. Such buildings require more careful maintenance due to high humidity and the negative impact of salts. This affects the cost of annual maintenance, which varies within EUR 2,000 on average. 

Careful approach to the choice of housing is not the only component of success. To buy real estate in Limassol, Cyprus, with benefits, get the assistance of experts. And P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. is the best choice. The biggest construction company in the region has been operating in the real estate market for more than 18 years. This indicates a high level of trust among partners and clients. The company builds stylish modern houses and villas in Limassol that combine comfort, charm, functionality and safety. Many of them have received significant international awards. 


Entrusting the purchase of real estate in Limassol to a trusted construction company, you will be guaranteed financial and legal security, as well as a whole range of related services. These include:

  • lease;
  • real estate management in Cyprus;
  • interior design;
  • gardening and landscaping. 

Our experts will help you choose a suitable villa in Cyprus. All individual requirements and preferences will be taken into account when selecting options. 

Venera Residences

This project is rightfully included in the list of the best villas in Cyprus. The gated residential complex includes seven luxurious spacious houses. Each of them consists of blocks for two- and three-bedroom apartments with a roof terrace and a basement.  

The best houses in Cyprus, included in the Venera Residences project, are located within walking distance from the picturesque Mediterranean coast. They offer a unique combination of easy access to the main tourist area of Limassol and proximity to a comfortable sandy beach.  

Aurora Residences 

This gated residential complex offers both townhouses and maisonettes. There are also luxury villas with a private pool. Their main advantage is their location. Villas are located within walking distance from the sandy beach of one of the five-star hotels. Due to the unique combination of functionality, safety and style, the project was awarded by European experts with the International Property Award in the Best Development Cyprus category.