Limassol Yermasogeia


Yermasogeia is one of the main tourist areas of Cyprus, where lovers of a calm, measured rest come. Foreigners prefer this resort for its sunny coast, numerous sandy beaches, cozy cafes and a variety of entertainment.

Germasogeia is ideal for families. The beaches are clean and shallow, a wide range of marine activities, comfortable hotels and delicious traditional cuisine. Young people will not be bored either - during the season it is crowded, bars are open, discos and noisy parties are held.

Germasogeia is considered a suburb of Limassol - the most active, lively, elite resort city with developed infrastructure, equipped beaches, parks and entertainment for every taste.

Compared to Limassol, it is cozy, calm, and the relaxing atmosphere is perfect for couples in love and families with small children.

Benefits of holidays in Yermasogeia in Cyprus:

  • clean and comfortable beaches - the most popular of them is Beach Path, which is famous throughout Cyprus;
  • a large selection of hotels located near the coastline - tourists are offered comfortable rooms of different price categories;
  • Park "Dasoudi" - an ideal place for recreation with children, walks, sports;
  • a variety of restaurants and cafeterias where you can taste Mediterranean and Greek cuisine;
  • discos and parties in the evenings - an option for youth recreation;
  • Germasogeia Reservoir is one of the main attractions of the village with spectacular views, where you can take beautiful pictures and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Germasogeia can hardly be called a party place - tourists come here for peace and tranquility. It has everything for a comfortable stay, while prices are lower than in Limassol itself.

The resort is conveniently located and can be easily reached from Limassol by taxi or public transport. For the rest, you can rent a hotel room for about $ 200 per day. But it is better to rent your own accommodation on the seashore to feel like a part of this amazing country with a rich history and culture.

Rent apartment Limassol Germasogeia

Limassol is one of the most popular resort cities in Cyprus. It enchants with its ancient architecture, rich history, and a variety of recreation options - both calm and active.

When choosing the direction of Yermasogeia Cyprus for a trip, you need to take care in advance about where you will live. This task can be entrusted to the employees of Property Gallery, a company that offers exclusive apartments for purchase and rent with all amenities and picturesque sea views.

Rental housing in Cyprus may be needed in such cases:

  • if you are looking at real estate and want to make a profitable investment;
  • if you are looking for an object to buy, in order to quickly make a choice;
  • for the purpose of recreation during their stay in the island state.

In any of these situations, you can rent the house you like for the right period absolutely legally in a safe deal with the developer. You can get acquainted with the options that are rented with all the amenities on the Property Gallery website.

Today in Yermasogeia the following objects are offered:

  • Apartments

Located in a cozy gated complex near the beach, cafes, shops, restaurants and other recreational facilities. Their feature - spacious rooms, stylish finishes, convenient location. An advantageous option for buying with a view to subsequent rent. Also great for living in a cozy, eco-friendly region with a warm climate.

The purchase price starts from 700 thousand euros for luxury apartments. The rental price is negotiated individually and depends on the season and length of stay.

  • Duplex

Luxury two-story housing with four bathrooms and bedrooms, located near the sea in Limassol. It impresses with high quality service, offers everything you need and even more for a luxurious life in Cyprus.

The owner has at his disposal a private swimming pool, panoramic sea views, spacious rooms with a stylish interior, the most luxurious places to relax within walking distance. The cost of an exclusive duplex is 5.5 million, it can also be rented to emphasize your own status and prestige while abroad.

  • Penthouse

Unique skyscrapers built according to a design project will appeal to lovers of impeccable service, luxurious interiors, safety and reliability.

The penthouse is located 50 meters from the sandy beach, impresses with thoughtful planning, luxury finishing materials, as well as a multi-level security system. A true fortress with ultra-modern design and 24/7 service. The price of the penthouse starts from 3.8 million euros.

During your holiday on the island, you can also rent a bungalow, maisonette or villa. Maisonettes, as a rule, are rented out to several families, have separate entrances and a common pool. Having rented a bungalow, you have at your disposal the entire territory along with parking.

Villa - an option for an elite holiday, such housing is located in elite areas, offers a large area with its own garden, swimming pool, terrace, sports ground.

Districts of Limassol

Limassol is located on the picturesque coast in the southern part of Cyprus. In recent years, the city has been actively built up, many hotel complexes, office buildings, high-rise residential buildings have appeared.

People of different nationalities feel comfortable in Limassol; in terms of living standards, activity and population, the city resembles a metropolis. Many foreigners come here on vacation, and some move to a permanent place of residence, buy real estate for work.

Consider the most attractive areas of Limassol:

  • Old city area

The very heart of Limassol, where the main attractions are concentrated, as well as an abundance of cafes, shops, coffee houses. Walking through the narrow streets allows you to plunge into history and feel like a part of the Mediterranean culture. The old city attracts tourists, there is always noise and movement. Most of the housing is a historical fund.

  • central District

It is located next to the park - a small green area, which are so few on the island. The most suitable area for living, especially for families with children - there are many kindergartens, schools, sports clubs, medical institutions, parks in the district. The cost of housing is high, there are real estate and economy class.

  • Debenhams department store area

Infrastructure is developed in this part of the city - there are many options for residential and commercial real estate, large supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers. The area is close to the beach - another plus of the move. High-rise buildings with luxury apartments and sea views are being built here.

  • Turzone

It is located far from the center and attracts tourists with ancient excavations. There are many hotels, hotels, souvenir shops. This is a densely populated tourist area, so buying a home in this area is justified by the purpose of renting it out.

  • Amathus area

Comfortable and prestigious part of the city, where life is much calmer than in the central areas. The area is located near the ruins of the ancient city. Residential complexes are being actively built here, located within walking distance from the beach.

This area is best suited for living in Limassol, because it is cozy, safe, quiet, and picturesque landscapes stretch around. The cost of housing is quite high, which is justified by clean, half-empty beaches, an abundance of sun, and beautiful sea views.

These are the most popular areas of Limassol where you can live, work, rent apartments to tourists, and relax. Real estate prices vary from area to area.

Municipality of Germasogeia

Germasogeia is an independent municipality, the eastern suburb of Limassol. It is considered one of the most attractive areas of Limassol, which occupies the coastal part of the city. A quiet, measured life flows here, most of the houses are low-rise with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

What other features incline to move to Germasogeia?

  • Low traffic congestion.
  • Small number of tourists.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Nearby is a park with a eucalyptus grove.
  • Reservoir and dam of Germasogeia.

Recently, the suburb has been in great demand among tourists who prefer a relaxing holiday. The area is ideal for family life - there are many green spaces, playgrounds, places for walking.

The coastal zone is built up with hotels and real estate for rent, there are also many cafes and restaurants with national cuisine. The city has a municipality with a large playground and a view of the waterfront.

Buying a property in this area is equally beneficial for both living and doing business. You can choose from housing of different types and classes - houses, villas, apartments, maisonettes and others.

On the Property Gallery website you can see the options for properties that are sold and rented in Limassol. Employees of the company help to find housing, conduct demonstrations remotely, guarantee financial and legal security during the transaction.